Don't let your fighter pilot fly the mother ship.

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Don't let your fighter pilot fly the mother ship.

Postby Dayrth » Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:16 am

Back from my Christmas break (and back in to ED), last night. Thought I would take things easy and do some quiet bounty hunting in my home system of Zaonce. Kitted out the Anaconda accordingly, flew off to a nice quiet medium RES and spent a relaxing hour picking off hapless pirates. Earned me a bit of cash and helped my fighter pilot gain a bit more towards the next rank. Then I thought it might be fun to have a go in the fighter. I swapped places and it was indeed fun. Had one tussle with a python where it took the mother ship a while to catch up and join in and it was quite exhilarating, dodging the pythons turrets and nipping in to try and chip away at it's power plant. Then we took on a wing of three. Nothing special, one Cobra III and a couple of eagles. As I was taking out one eagle I heard my co-pilot announcing the destruction of another. Just one more to go. This shouldn't take long.... but then I see the Anacondas shields falling rapidly. Soon my co-pilot was announcing shields down and taking damage. I quickly swapped back to the mothership. Already down to 60% hull and red blips all over the radar. I started to run for it. Then I notice the messages coming through on the comms. It's the system authority ships that are chasing me :shock: A quick glance to confirm. Yes I am wanted. :(

I managed to get out of the system (barely). 13% hull remaining and modules malfunctioning all over the place. I am now wanted in my home system and will be for the next three days. That's the last time I let anyone else fly my 'Conda.
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Re: Don't let your fighter pilot fly the mother ship.

Postby Frank » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:05 am

It was a good idea to stick this on the Frontier Forums. Some people may not be aware of the dangers of Trigger Happy hired crew. <grin>

Great to hear you're back, and I hope you enjoyed your break. But back to the hard slog of Elite: Dangerous... We are currently involved in a election at Quator that could give us control of that system. I'm concentrating my efforts there as well as keeping Colando Po as high as possible. I've given up trying to influence the war at Santa Muerte. After hours of fighting there with my Anaconda, the influence of both sides is only 1%.

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