It's alive!

So you're done with flying for the time being and you want to unwind. For general chatter and to discuss non-Elite subjects, this is the place.
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It's alive!

Postby Sealurk » Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:51 pm

The PC I play Elite on is the first I've ever built myself. It's also the best performing PC I've ever had, but I think that says more about the shoddy quality of mass produced PCs than it does my ability.

I'm upgrading it over time, and I have run into issues before but nothing I couldn't handle, and to be honest I've enjoyed working on the PC even when its refusing to work. Most recently an alarming rise in CPU temperature on a regular basis (still with no clue what suddenly triggered it, though always in Elite) suggested it was time to ditch the stock cooler that came with the processor and get an aftermarket one, a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo.

Holy buckets, that is the most frustrating piece of hardware I've ever had to deal with. Ease of Installation? Maybe if you have four arms, tentacles instead of fingers and eyes on prehensile stalks. Halfway through the installation I had to run out to the ships to get an extra long precision screwdriver because the one I had, which came with a set of computer maintenance tools I might add, couldn't get into the four most important screws without crushing the cooling fins - and this thing's designed to work around corners!

It's the closest I've come to losing it and I definitely wasn't having fun by the end. That said, I am very impressed with the cooler itself - my CPU has never been cooler (on average 5-6o Celsius in normal operation, not yet tested with gaming or other high end operation that will likely see a much bigger improvement) and it's also significantly quieter than it's been for some time.

So, hopefully I'll be able to spend longer in game from now on. Anybody else got any PC upgrade/repair/maintenance stories?
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Re: It's alive!

Postby Dayrth » Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:15 am

No stories yet, but Horizons made me realise that I will be needing a new pc. I am determined that it will be this year some time. Once I get started expect a barrage of questions coming your way ;)
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We're gonna need a bigger boat

Postby Frank » Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:20 am

Sealurk wrote:... Anybody else got any PC upgrade/repair/maintenance stories?

I've never been one for keeping my machine up to date. Following behind the curve is a lot cheaper. Well that sort of thinking stopped when I got my VR helmet.

My computer was pretty old when the DK2 arrived. Of course I tried it half-expecting it not to work. To my surprise there were no hassles at all. It worked like a neck-operated controller with a screen strapped to my face. But everyone was going on about how important it was to get the headset working at 75FPS so I took all my graphic settings and dropped them to as low at it could go. Holy Moly! That experience was enough to tell me that you really do need the fastest piece of iron to get the full effect of "presence" and also be able to make out the shapes of objects. I ordered up the most expensive graphics card I could afford, a factory overclocked GTX980.

This giant massive box arrived at my doorstep. I chuckled "They always put these dinky little cards into massive boxes to make you feel like your getting your money's worth". I was wrong. I took out this massive great videocard with more fans on it than a flying drone. I took one look at this card and at my normal-size case and realised it was not going to fit. I had to hacksaw the back of my case to get it in.

The newer headsets demand even more power. There's a good chance I'm going to end up with SLI'd 980s to cope, but my case won't stand for any more hacksawing. I'm going to have to buy a bigger case, but all the cheap ones that can do the job are for boy racers with see-thru windows and such nonsense. It looks like I'm going to end up as one of those wrinkled white-haired old men wearing a baseball cap the wrong way around.

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